People always ask us "How did your name Gertrude & Mabel come about?


Our Grandparents raised their families on those two streets in Highgate Hill.

Our Bapou's (Grandfather's) have both passed and our YiaYia's (Grandmother's) are still in the same homes that they raised our parents in.


We grew up on these streets. We learned to ride our bikes here and we have scars on our knees to remind us of our adventures growing up.  Any family get together always revolves around food. No matter where we go, what the occasion, even a family picnic, it was always a feast.

Most of the produce comes from their own gardens so everything we have is always beautiful, fresh, and seasonal. Our Bapou's established the gardens with their own hands and after their passing both our YiaYia's at 82 still have their gardens perfect, growing everything from fresh herbs to spinach, peppers, and eggplants.


Everything is homemade with love, flavour, and laughter and you will experience our Grandparent's in everything we do at Gertrude & Mabel.


YiaYia Mabel St (Despina) makes the best finikia (shortbread) and halva

(orange syrup cake).


Bapou Mabel St (Georgie) taught us our love of seafood, particularly fresh prawns.


YiaYia Gertrude St (Marianthi) makes delicious rizogalo (rice pudding), cheesecake, and the karithipita (walnut syrup cake).

Bapou Gertrude St (Yanni) grew his own honey and it continues to be one of the most popular touches to our menu.

Our mother Sylvia makes our famous baklava, bircher muesli, kourabiethes (shortbread), and bakes the most amazing cakes.


Our Thea’s (Aunties) support us with home baking of basteli, chocolate hazelnut meringue, and grow our fresh rocket.


We have learnt everything from them and we have something incredible we can create for any occasion! 

In our family, if we need anything at all they are the first to be there. If we need a hose for the gurney. If we need sheets for repainting. If we are going through a busy phase in life they will ask us to drop in and pick up some homemade food.


Made with love, given with love.

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